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Four Seasons Lake Winnie Opening Day Fishing Report May 20, 2019

The walleye fishing continues to be very good. Most boats are reporting double digit catches everytime they go out! The majority of the fish continue to be in the 19-22" range, but some "keeper" size are becoming more common. There have been some big ones caught, as well. My boats largest today was 27". There were many other fish above the slot (23" +) caught, as well.

The conditions were tough this weekend with high winds and cold temperatures. But the ones who toughed it out were rewarded with premium action. Jigs with minnows are the most common method of catching walleyes right now.

Most of the fish are in 7-10 feet of water along the windblown shoreline.

Northerns are being caught along with the walleyes. One cabin caught a monster 36" fish on a jig and minnow. With the majority of the walleyes returned to the lake, a lot of our guest are supplementing their catch for the frying pan with some northerns. Fish above the 22-26" slot and below are being caught.

Not much to report on the perch front. Very spotty so far. There have been one caught here and there, but no schools of perch showing up yet. Warmer weather could help on this front.

All in all, the walleyes are where it is at right now. This weekend could be some of the best walleye fishing we have seen in some time. The fish are shallow, and ready to bite.

If you haven't made plans for Memorial Weekend yet, and want to go fishing, Winnie is the place to be. We still have a few openings for the holiday weekend. Check our availability and give us a call. — Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Lake Winnie Opening Day Fishing Report May 12, 2019

After a very long winter, the time finally came. Guests were weary of winter, and ready for some open water fishing. The weather forecast was for rain and high winds. Well, the winds came, but the sun was out all day long.

The buzz around camp was "did you find any shiners?". No, we didn't have shiners. But the fish bit on leeches, the fish bit on fatheads, and the fish bit on small sucker minnows!

It was one of our better openers in many years. Every boat that I talked to caught fish. Most of the fish were in the protected 18-23"
slot. But there were many reports of double digit catches per angler.

Not per boat, but per angler. There was no magic spot, either. The fish were reported being caught from Little Stony Point on the south end of the lake, all the way to the north end. The boats that were tough enough to brave the waves on the north end were rewarded with the most keeper size walleyes.

In addition to the walleyes, there were some nice northerns over 26"
caught. No report of a perch bite came in.

All in all, we had great weather and great fishing. A rare combination on Opening Day!

The fishing looks to be above average this spring. We have openings for the coming weekends including Memorial Weekend. Make plans now to get in on the action. - Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231