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Four Seasons Resort — Lake Winnie Walleye Fishing Report September 1, 2018

There is not much new to report on the walleye fishing front. They are still being caught in the normal ways. Most of our guest have been targeting the more "catchable" fish, which are northerns and perch. The walleyes that have been coming in have been caught on jigs and minnows while fishing for the previously mentioned fish.

Most of the perch are coming from the flats adjacent to the deeper water. Some key areas are from Richards Townsite boat landing all the way to the River Mouth. The flat between Raven's Point and Mallard is a similar program. There haven't been the massive schools of perch that we encountered last season, but if you keep at it, you can get a nice bunch of fish over 9".

Northerns are being caught in all of the usual ways. Again, look to the flats with deep water close by. The weeds on the north shore are also producing nice pike. Numerous fish over the 22-26" slot have been caught. Trolling or casting large spoons may be the best method
to catch the bigger pike.

It definitely has that fall feeling in the air. The fish will go on the feedbag to prepare for winter. They will be hungry and eager to bite.

We have openings for the next six weeks. Don't for get our fall special runs on all cabin reservations for the remainder of the season. Look forward to seeing you this fall. — Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Resort — Lake Winnie Walleye Fishing Report August 19, 2018

The walleye fishing continues to be very good for this time of year. Live bait rigs with leeches, crankbaits, and spinners are all catching fish. The key is fishing the structure. Shoreline drops and midlake humps are the better areas.

Northern Pike fishing has been good. Trolling seems to be the best method to catch pike. Spoons, crankbaits, and stick baits have all been good this week. Areas adjacent to deep water are the better areas.

Perch continue to be a hit or miss program. The better size perch have been quite elusive. With some effort, you can get a nice batch of perch. The problem is they are in 25' one day and the next they are in eight. A little hunting will pay off nicely. Jigs and fathead minnows are the best bait. You can troll spinners with minnows or worms to try and locate the fish.

Summer is winding down and we are eyeing up the fall bite. Our upcoming specials make it affordable to come and experience some great Lake Winnie fishing. Pick out some dates and give us a call. — Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Resort — Lake Winnie Walleye Fishing Report August 14, 2018

This week had something for everyone. As far as fishing went, no matter what tactic you used, the fish would bite at some point in the week.

Walleyes were caught trolling crankbaits, spinners, and fishing live bait rigs on the structure. There was a good number of keeper size walleyes caught. It was the best percentage versus slot fish we have seen this year. If you are trolling, key areas are flats with deep water immediatly adjacent to the flat. 14-16' was the best depths.

Live bait rigs with leeches were the ticket on the structure. When it was calm, the humps were the best. When the wind blows, head to the main bars. No reports of shallow walleyes this past week. It won't be long, the fish will move shallow.

Northern fishing was definitely a trolling bite. Crankbaits and spoons in the areas where the walleyes are being caught trolling. Many nice fish over the slot have been caught.

Perch fishing has improved. Look in the deeper water 20-30' where there is life on the graph. There will be perch in the vicinity.
Jigs and fathead minnows are the best bait.

The summer is winding down, and we are setting our sights on fall. We have great specials. Reserve the week of August 25th, pay for the week and stay until Labor Day for free. Or enjoy our 20% discount on all cabin rentals after Labor Day. As always, a covered boat slip is included with the cabin. See you this fall. — Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Resort — Lake Winnie Walleye Fishing Report August 5, 2018

"This past week we were transported back to the past, Circa 1980.

When you went walleye fishing, you put on a Lindy type rig with a bare hook, checked the wind, grabbed some leeches, and headed out to the appropriate bar on the lake that the wind dictated you go. The main bars produced walleyes all week long. Sugar, Moses, Snag Hole, Horseshoe, and Bena. Names that haven't been mentioned a whole lot the past couple of years. Oh, when it was calm, the humps were still good. I think the reason the leeches were better is that you couldn't get a worm past the seven inch perch on most of the structures.

Trollers have had a little success, but the live bait was far better.

Northerns are biting on spoons and crankbaits. You can use jigs and small suckers as well.

Perch continue to be an enigma. There are small perch everywhere, but to target the nice keeper size perch have been elusive. We didn't have anyone really seriously look last week, but I would say the north shore is your best bet. Look for cabbage weeds and the perch will be near.
All of the fishermen left this morning with smiles on their faces. They said it was some of the best walleye fishing they have seen in quite some time.

The fishing should continue to improve into the fall. We have openings for both our Labor Day special, and our fall special. Come back to Winnie this year, fishing has been great. — "Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Lake Winnie Walleye Fishing Report July 28, 2018

Sorry for not posting fishing reports the past couple of weeks. One of the reasons is the fishing hasn't changed a whole lot, and another reason is we haven't had very many fishermen out there fishing.

The ones who are looking for walleyes are finding them with rigs and crawlers on the main lake structures. When it is calm head for the smaller humps, and when the wind blows, stick to the main bars. With the late spring, I believe that the perch minnows have not made it to the flats as in years past. So the bugs are the main forage for the Walleyes.

Northern fishing has been ok. Not wide open yet. Trolling spoon type baits has been the most effective way to catch the pike right now.
Fish the top side of the shoreline breaks staying within shouting distance of the dropoff will be the best areas for pike.

Perch fishing is hit and miss, as well. The perch seem to be in one place today and not there the next. This makes for a challenging
time for perch fishermen. It also is an opportunity for you to develop your skill in finding fish. I guess that is my glass is half full analogy!

All in all, it is summer fishing. You can catch fish if you put in the time. The problem is, the kids want to go swimming and tubing so the fishing sometimes get put on the back burner.

Fall fishing is coming fast. We offer a great 20% discount in all cabin rentals after Labor Day. Fishing should be good this fall.
Check our availability and give us a call. Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Lake Winnie Walleye Fishing Report July 4, 2018

The walleyes continue to bite on the midlake structures. Rigs with leeches and crawlers are the best bet. The calmer conditions look for the midlake humps and when the wind blows, the main bars seem to be the best. Many of the fish are falling in the protected slot, but some keeper size fish are mixed in with the larger fish.

Perch fishing has been a little strange this past week. They seem to be here today and gone tomorrow. This makes for a little bit of a challenge. You have to find a new school each day you fish. Look for the perch in the heavier new cabbage weeds, or on the flats in 13-15' of water. On the flats, look for schools of baitfish on your electronics and the perch won't be far away.

Northern fishing hasn't kicked into high gear as of yet. They are still very scattered and no patterns have developed, yet.

The storms that moved through the area haven't done much to help the fishing. As the weather stabilizes, look for the summer fishing pattern to continue.

We have openings for the remainder of July.  If you are thinking about a fishing trip, now is a good time.  Check the availability, and give us a call. Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Lake Winnie Walleye Fishing Report June 24, 2018

Unseasonable weather has been the topic of our fishing report this week! We have enjoyed five straight days of sunny, calm days this past week. Longtime guests have commented that they have never seen Lake Winnie calm for five straight days and nights!

How did that affect the fishing, you ask?

Well, walleyes were still being caught, with lower light times being the best. Early morning seemed to be the best time. The fish were active on rigs and leeches or crawlers. Most of the fish are still in the slot. Some really nice fish were caught. Daniel Altmeyer caught a 28" beauty on a leech. Another 28" fish was caught by Cindy Hodges. Some keeper size fish were caught, but the numbers were down since the wind stopped.

Some of our guests struggled to find perch early in the week. The perch were tightly schooled around the schools of baitfish. Look for these schools on the flats in 13-20' of water or target shoreline drops. When you find the perch they are eager to bite your jig and fathead minnows.

Northern fishing has been spotty. Some nice northerns were caught, but not very many. The Russells from Moberly, Mo brought in a nice 31" pike. Still no definite pattern on the Pike. All methods are working. Casting, trolling and fishing with live bait. The pike fishing should pick up in the coming weeks.

We have some immediate openings for this week. If you want to get in a quick few days of fishing, give us a call. Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Lake Winnie Walleye Fishing Report June 17, 2018

The Walleye fishing continues to be very good.  They have transitioned to the mid-lake structure, for the most part.  The main bars on the lake seem to be producing the most fish.  Key depths are on the top side of the breakline in 15-20' of water. 

Jigs and shiner minnows are still doing well.   The live bait rigs with leeches and crawlers are starting to catch up, though.  There still can be a good jig bite in the shallower water when the wind is blowing.

Perch have done the opposite.  Look for the perch in the new weeds in 8-12' of water.   As usual, jigs and fathead minnows work best for perch.

Northerns seem to be everywhere.  Jigs and small sucker minnows or shiners are the best bait for Pike right now.  If you target the pike, fish the shoreline breaks in 14-18'.

We were pretty hampered by big wind this week, but that didn't seem to matter. Most of our guests who left today said it was some of the best fishing they have ever had this past week.   While most of their walleyes had to go back, they were catching big numbers of 20-23" walleyes.   We had a 28" and 27.5" fish brought in this week. 

We have openings for the remainder of June.  If you are thinking about a fishing trip, now is a good time.  Check the availability, and give us a call. Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Lake Winnie Walleye Fishing Report June 9, 2018

The weather has turned more toward "normal". Wind and colder temperatures have made the fishing a little more difficult. Walleyes are still being caught in good numbers with the majority of the fish in the protected slot.

Most of the fish are biting jigs and shiners, with some rigs tipped with leeches and crawlers working as well. Look for the shallow shoreline drops on the windy side of the lake, with the secondary breaklines off of shore on the calmer side.

Northern fishing has picked up this past week. More fish over the protected 22-26" slot being caught. Some fishermen are trolling crankbaits, while others are fishing jig and minnow.

Perch fishing was really helped by the windier conditions. Jumbo perch were found in the deeper water outside of where the walleyes and
northerns are being caught. Key depths are 16-20'. The schools seem to be very tight, so once you find them, it will take some boat control to stay on them. Jigs and fathead minnows are the best combo for the perch. When they are biting light, it sometimes helps to cut the fatheads in half to keep the perch from ripping off the minnow before it gets to the hook.

The forecast is for more stable weather and continued good fishing. We have openings for the upcoming weeks. Check your schedule to see
what works for you and give us a call. Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Lake Winnie Walleye Fishing Report Memorial Day Weekend 2018

The only word to describe Memorial Weekend 2018 was WOW! Not only was the weather the best it has been in 20 years, with calm winds and temperatures in the 80's, but the fishing was awesome.

Even though there was a lack of wind, the walleyes bit on minnows and leeches. The fish were scattered in depths ranging from 6 to 20 feet of water. The west side points were all good locations to find fish.

There were more keeper size fish under 18" than there have been previous weeks. There were also plenty of fish in the protected slot
as there has been. Boats were reporting catches of over 40 walleyes per outing, with most in the 20-23" range.

Larger Northerns are starting to bite. Some fish over 30" are being caught while targeting walleyes. Jigs and shiners or small sucker minnows are the best presentation for larger pike. Many northerns under the protected 22-26" slot are coming in, as well.

Perch fishing has definitely picked up. Some limits are being caught using jigs and fathead minnows. Target hard bottom areas near the
steeper shoreline breaks. Look for the nicer perch in 15-20' of water.

This will be one of the more memorable holiday weekends in our history. Those that experienced it will remember it for years.

The forecast is still good for the coming week. Fishing should continue to improve. We have everything you need for an awesome fishing experience. If you have been thinking about a trip to Lake Winnie, now is the time to make it happen.

We still have some openings for the month of June. Check the availability and give us a call. Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Lake Winnie Walleye Fishing Report May 26, 2018

image of four seasons fishing launch The fishing has been really good for fishermen. There have been a lot of fish caught this week. Now if you wanted walleyes only for eating, you were going to be a little disappointed. Most of the fish caught were in the protected slot 18-23". For the fishermen, they were very happy catching and releasing up to 20 of these fish per person per day!

To get the eating size walleye, you had to work much harder and most fishermen are reluctant to leave spots where they are reeling in fish.

Most of the fish that were eaten were perch and northerns. Perch are being caught while fishing for walleyes, but can be targeted if you choose to do so. Most of the fish are done spawning now and are starting to feed. Look for hard bottom areas where there are a lot of crayfish.

Most of the perch I have cleaned are full of small crayfish. Jigs and fathead minnows are catching nice perch.

Northern fishing continues to evolve with the new regulations. I cleaned some 20-22" northerns that were very nice filets. Some of the over 26" fish are starting to show up. Larry Simmerman from Moberly, Mo and his crew brought in a 27" and 29" yesterday.

We have a good supply of minnows including shiners right now. We have openings for the remainder of the month of May. The weather forecast is great and I look for the fishing to continue to be the same. Pick out a date and give us a call. Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Lake Winnie Opening Day Fishing Report May 14, 2018

The weather was the talk of the resort today as we saw clear skies and calm winds. The temperature reached almost 70 degrees. We had a few sunburn cases, but a lot of smiling faces at the end of the day.

Did I mention that it was opening day of fishing season? Yes, the fishing was much better than I expected; most of the boats came in with fish. 

There were a lot of walleyes caught using jigs and minnows in depths ranging from 10-20 feet of water. Key depths depended on the specific area of the lake you were fishing.

The new northern pike regulations were the subject of some serious discussions.  The new regulation states that you may keep 10 northern but none can be 22-26 inches and only two over 26 inches. 

The purpose is to weed out the smaller pike to allow for a larger healthier population of Northern Pike. We had some fish that landed in the protected slot yesterday.  I also cleaned some fish fewer than 22 inches.  It will be interesting to see how the regulation affects the lake in the coming years.

Some perch were caught, and every one I saw was full of spawn. 

The water temperature will be rising rapidly this week as the forecast is for warm days and calm winds. Most were reporting surface temperatures over 50.   Considering the ice officially was off on Wednesday May 9, that was warmer than I expected.

If the fishing continues to be this good, we are in for another great fishing season on Lake Winnibigoshish. We have openings for most times this season.  Pick out a date, check our availability, and give us a call.  It is really that easy. - Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231