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Four Seasons Fishing Report September 24, 2017

This will be my last fishing report of the year.  Fishing has definitely been a challenge this past year.  Especially for walleyes. 
We are trying to figure out what the "zebra mussel" affect is going to be.  But one thing for sure, it has changed the way we approach fishing for walleyes.
This past week the perch fishing continues to be off the charts good. 
The perch are being caught in all depths of water from 10' to one group said they caught the biggest perch in 29' of water.  This makes for some fun fishing.
Northern fishing continues to be very good.  Trolling and jigging with minnows are the best methods right now.  Spoons and crankbaits are the best trolling baits.  Some fish are moving closer to shore, even if there are no weeds.  Some northerns are as shallow as eight feet.  But the majority of the fish are still on the deeper side toward the shoreline breaks.
We did manage to locate some walleyes this week.  They were very tight to the weeds and if you weren't snagging a weed once in a while, you weren't catching walleyes.

The resort will be open for two more weeks.  If you would like to get in on some of this great fall fishing, give us a call.  We are nearly full this weekend, so many fishermen are taking advantage of the great weather and fishing.  Thank you to all our guests who stayed with us this past season.  We look forward to seeing you next year.  If you haven't stayed with us yet, we would love to have you in 2018.

Four Seasons Fishing Report September 17, 2017

The perch fishing right now is incredible. The perch are located on the flats in 13-15' of water and the school is as large as I have seen in my 42 years at the resort. My group fished for perch for 3 hours each day for three days and we caught over 1000 perch. We kept only perch over 10" and they went home with a limit of 200 perch for the five guys.
Northern fishing has slowed some, but the fishermen who normally fish northerns are spending some time and catching perch. The northerns can be caught jig fishing along the breaklines, casting, trolling, or fishing with sucker minnows.
We still haven't had a frost here, so the fish are still somewhat holding to the late summer patterns. But the perch fishing is unbelievable. It is literally as fast as you get your line down you have a perch bite.
We are going to be open through the 7th of October as it stands right now. If you want to get in on the bite, give us a call. All the cabin rentals are 20% off right now. Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Fishing Report September 10, 2017

The northern fishing has been fantastic. Trolling spoons has been the best way to catch fish. Numbers and size has been the norm this past week.
Perch fishing has been some of the best we have seen in a while.
Numbers and size have been enjoyed by our guests this whole week.
Jigs and fathead minnows in 12-15' of water on the flats adjacent to the shoreline drops have been the best areas to target.
Fall fishing is here. We are in the midst of our fall special for the rest of the season. All cabin rental is 20% off. The weather forecast is for nice weather. If you want to get in on some good fishing, give us a call. - Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Fishing Report September 4, 2017

The Northern fishing has continued to be very strong this past week. Trolling seems to be working the best of all the tactics. Look for the deeper weeds in 10-14' of water. Spoons and crankbaits are the best trolling baits.
Perch fishing is very good right now. All of the guests looking for perch this week went home with limits of very nice perch. Jigs and fathead minnows on the 8-14' flats were the ticket for perch.
I look for these patterns to continue for the next couple of weeks until we get the first frost.
Our fall discount is in effect for the remainder of the season. We are offering 20% off all cabin reservations. - Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Fishing Report August 27, 2017

Northern fishing continues to be very strong. Deeper weedlines 12-14' of water trolling spoons, crankbaits, sucker minnows, and casting, have all been good for Northerns.
Perch fishing has been good, as well. Look to the shoreline drops in 14-18' of water. Jigs and fathead minnows is the best bet for larger perch.
No one chased walleyes this week. I haven't heard any reports on them, either.
We are starting to see signs of a fall migration. The water temperature is dropping so the fish should head to the shoreline weeds. It will be nice to have a fall mixed bag bite. Will keep you posted.
We have openings for the fall. Our 20% off special starts on Labor Day. Hope to see you then! - Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Fishing Report August 20, 2017

Northern fishing continues to dominate the fishing scene at the Four Seasons.   Deeper weedlines, shoreline breaks, and mid-lake flats are all producing nice catches of Pike. Guests have been having great success trolling, casting, and fishing with bait. 

Perch fishing is off the charts, there are lots and lots of fish are being caught.  The larger perch have been scattered, so expect to sort through a lot of perch to get the larger ones.  The perch have been virtually everywhere you fish.  Shallow weeds, deeper weeds, flats, breaklines, mid-lake flats, you name it, the perch are there.  This could be one of the reasons the walleye fishing has been spotty; they have a lot to eat out there.

Some walleyes are starting to be caught during the day and mid-lake flats seem to be the best areas.  Bottom bouncers and spinners tipped with night crawlers or deeper running crankbaits are the best bet for walleyes right now.

We have our Labor Day special coming up next week.  Reserve August 26-September 2 and stay through Labor Day, Free.  We also have our fall special, 20% off all cabin reservations after Labor Day.  Pick out some dates, check out our availability on the website, and give us a call.  It is that easy to enjoy fall fishing at the Four Seasons and Lake Winnie. Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Fishing Report August 12, 2017

The walleye fishing continues to be a low light process.  Fish during the low light hours with crankbaits or spinners and crawlers for best results.

Northern fishing is where it is at for most of our guests.  Trolling spoons, crankbaits, spinners, live bait, and casting are all good methods for catching Pike.   Look to the deeper weeds and shoreline drop-off areas for the best action.

Perch fishing is spotty, but the nicer perch can be found with some searching.  If you are catching small perch, move down the breakline or go deeper into the cabbage weeds.  Jigs and fathead minnows are the best bait for perch right now.

We are looking toward a fall bite in a few weeks.  Right now the water temperature is above 70 degrees.  Cooler nights will start to trigger the migration of the fish to the oxygen rich weedlines.

We have two of our yearly specials coming up.  Our Labor Day special is stay the week before and get the weekend for free.   Also, our fall discount is 20% off all cabin reservations after Labor Day. Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Fishing Report July 16, 2017

The walleye fishing has picked up this past week.  We are finding fish on the breaklines and mid-lake humps.  They are also catching some fish on the weedline.  Some very large fish were caught this past week. 
Mark Thompson caught and released a 29" monster on a frozen shiner. 
The same day they caught fish that were 26, 26.5, and 27" as well.   
The group I was guiding caught and released several big walleyes up to 27".  Rigs and worms seemed to be the best bait for our group.  The smaller fish are being caught in the weeds.  Spinners and crawlers, as well as crankbaits worked over the weeds is the best program for the smaller fish.
Northern fishing continues to get better.  All normal methods are working.  Breaklines and deeper weeds are the best areas for Northerns.
Perch fishing is good for those who are targeting them.  Jigs and fathead minnows either in the weeds or on the breaklines are the primary areas to work.
We are right in the middle of our busiest time at the resort.  We have some serious fishermen as well as the vacationing families.  It is a great time to catch up with longtime guests at the Four Seasons.
We are taking reservations for 2018 right now.  Also, it is time to plan on taking advantage of our Labor Day and Fall Specials.  Check out our website and give us a call. Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Fishing Report July 1, 2017

The walleye fishing on Lake Winnie is definitely in a transition period. New tactics are going to be required to catch walleyes. The old "standbys", rigs and jigs will work, but not all of the time.
This past week was one of those times.
Northern fishing has slowed from what it was. They are starting to respond to plugs and spoons as the weed growth in the shallows increases.
Perch fishing has been good for the ones who are patient enough to search for the larger fish. Jigs and fatheads are still the best bait for the larger perch. We are looking forward to a busy 4th of July holiday. Hopefully, the fishermen will come armed with different ideas how to approach catching fish. - Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Fishing Report June 14, 2017

The Northern Pike continue to dominate the fishing on Lake Winnie! They seem to be everywhere you go. Jigs and minnows are catching huge numbers of fish shallow, deep, and in between. We were talking about that the other day and were thinking that the northerns were always on the deeper breaklines in the past, but we were always targeting walleyes on the shallower breaklines. Just a thought. It is not unusual to catch 10-15 northerns per drift. No shortage of action and great eating in the cooler water right now.
Walleyes have been elusive. We are catching some during the day, but the best time continues to be the last two hours before dark. They have been moving shallow following the shiner minnows. Jigs and shiners is the best bet for that deal. Some fish are starting to go on crankbaits closer to dark, as well. Some fish are starting to go on leeches and crawlers using Lindy type rigs or spinners.
As the bug hatches intensify in the coming days, this will continue to improve on the mid-lake structures.
Perch have been harder to come by in the past week. The normal perch areas have not been producing as well as in the past. Some searching will pay off with some nice perch. Patience is required to find the nicer perch. Put in your time and you will be rewarded.
We have some openings for the coming weeks. Check out our availability and give us a call. Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Fishing Report June 5, 2017 image of walleye caught on winnie

The walleye fishing has improved as the surface temperatures continue to rise. We are still learning what it takes to fish a lake where the water clarity is more than five feet! The best shallow bites are happening the last two hours of daylight. The walleyes are moving shallow as the sun dips behind the treeline. Some good catches using jigs and shiners are being reported in 6-10' of water.

The midday bite has been a little tougher. Look to the shoreline drops in 18-24' of water. I caught two on rigs and leeches today, and that trend will continue as we start to see some bug hatches on the main lake structures.

It is pretty hard to believe that fishermen will complain about catching fish, but the northerns have become the talk of the week. It seems everywhere you go, there are northerns biting. Most of them are 18-22" (the reason for the complaining), but there have been some nice ones caught. Larry and Anita Renze from St. Peters, MO caught three fish 27,28, and 31". I know we caught and released over 50 northerns today on the pontoon. They make for great action, but can get somewhat annoying when you are retying jigs all of the time!

Not much new to report on the perch front. They can still be caught when targeted. Move along the breakline until you locate some nicer perch.
It looks like the fishing is starting to move toward a summer like pattern. The warmer weather has lifted the fishermen's spirits after the past couple of weeks of cold and rainy weather.
We have some openings coming up for the remainder of the month. If you want to get in on some great fishing action, give us a call. - Joe Thompson, Four Seasons Resort 218-665-2231

Four Seasons Fishing Report May 29, 2017

Walleye fishing this Memorial Day Weekend was hard to gauge. There were no "sure" spots where you could count on catching fish. The fish that were caught were relating to the shoreline drops. It seemed like the better spots were the ones where the dropoff was closest to shore.
The fish were scattered along these edges. It was a matter of catching a few each day. If you were here multiple days, you could amass enough for a limit. Jigs and shiner minnows were the main bait, but we did see some fish going on fatheads.
Northern fishing was a much more reliable bite. Jigging with shiners and fatheads on these same structures was the ticket. We were catching half a dozen northerns to every walleye. They were a lot of fun to catch. The size was running pretty decent, with many in the keeper size range. Hire Bryce to debone these fish and they are quite tasty at this time of the year.
Perch fishing is really picking up. We found a decent school of fish in 13-15' of water on Saturday. They were there again on Sunday but moved to the deeper side of 15'. Some nice perch are being found on the 12-15' flats, as well.
We have a good "action" bite going on right now. We sold our last scoop of shiners this weekend. We will not be getting any more. We froze our floundering shiners in a salt-borax mix and have them available for sale. I have used nothing but dead shiners this whole year and have had good success. We will see in the coming weeks what is going to happen. As the bugs start hatching on the midlake structures, the fish will move out there and leeches and crawlers will be the bait of choice.
We have some openings coming up through the month of June. Check out our Cabin Availability and give us a call. 218-665-2231

Summer Dock Hand Position Available

Four Seasons has an opening for a reliable dock hand. Position is open immediately and lasts through October 2017. The position is ideal for anyone who needs a short term, temporary job that pays well and provides plenty of time outside. If you're a responsible, able bodied person from any walk of life, we’d love to hear from you. Call 218-665-2231

Fishing Report May 25, 2017

This past week of fishing was a lesson in fortitude! A big word for an old guide. The water temperature on the lake dropped nearly ten degrees. The walleyes became very finicky. If you could brave the wind and cold, you could catch some fish. The depths ranged from six feet to 20 feet of water. Jigs and shiners were still the bait of choice.
When the east winds subsided and swung around to the west, the fish scattered throughout the whole lake! They became very difficult to find and even harder to catch! Most of the fish were found on the shoreline breaklines in 15-20' of water. We haven't seen the sun for some time and the shiner minnows have definitely moved out of the shallows during the day. Look for low light conditions, early morning and evening, to catch fish shallow.
The northerns have been very cooperative while looking for walleyes. Jigs and shiner minnows are the ticket for these fish.
Perch fishing has been spotty, as well. Look for new emerging weeds to find perch. Jigs and fatheads or half a shiner minnow will do the trick for perch. Keep moving until you find the nicer fish. You may have to make long drifts to catch nicer perch. The only fish that seem to be schooled together are the smaller perch.
We are looking forward to warmer weather for Memorial Weekend. We still have a few openings for the last minute fishermen. As the water warms back up the fish should get more active.

Fishing Report May 14, 2017 image of big walleye

One word description for Opening Day 2017 was Fabulous! Fabulous weather and fabulous fishing!
The walleyes were very cooperative in many areas on the West side of the lake. Jigs and shiner minnows was the bait of choice for most fishermen. We started out in the morning with a nice chop on the water with a nice ENE breeze. The fish were in about 10' of water.
As the day progressed, the wind subsided and we had to fish a little deeper. By the end of the day, with calm winds, we were in 12'. Also when the winds calmed down it seemed like getting away from the packs of boats seemed to be a better deal. All of our guests came in with fish and the walleye fillets are frying as we speak. The water temperature was mostly in the mid fifty degrees, with the surface temperature rising as the day went on. It was the first opener in many years where we saw sunburned faces. But most of them had smiles on them due to the fabulous fishing. My crew commented that it was the best opener for them in 20 years.
Northerns were being caught along with the walleyes. There were several keeper size northerns brought in along with the walleyes. They were caught on jigs and shiners.
Perch could be caught if you targeted them. Fish a little deeper than you fish for walleyes. Jigs and fathead minnows were the best bait for the jumbo perch. Look to find them in 13-15' of water.
The old saying "When the winds from the East, the fish bite the least" certainly didn't apply to Opening Day, 2017, and we have many guest who are glad it didn't!
Make plans to come up for Memorial Weekend. We still have openings for the Holiday Weekend. Check our availability, and give us a call.
If we can catch walleyes like today with an East wind, think what it will be like when it blows from the West!